About Hard Candy: Sex and such October 22, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Nudity and Simulation:

Here is a BIG issue for me.
I needed the video to be thorough. Its a song about Hard Candy. We get it. It’s sexual. There needs to be a ton of suggestive sexual references. But is that truly enough? I’m not sure. I’m still uncertain.
For me, nudity IS artwork. However, when it is done within an entertainment industry, most times it can be poorly perceived as gratuitous or indecent. I don’t want either of these titles to be attached to my video, however, I am sure there are a bunch of people out there who would find it to be either or both of those things.
In the very first shot of the verse, my body is utterly naked. I wanted this to be impactful and shocking at first. But I wanted it, moreso, to be artistic. How to achieve this? My answer came in a muted color scheme. Black and white, hint of lavender, calming tones – not flesh and pink and vibrant.
This also worked for the idea of a very boring, blah world, until the lollipop lifts up. Then suddenly the background is transitioning into this vibrant, colorful, amazing world of candy and fun. Everyone likes a little naughty fun, in the end.
The scenes with the other man in the video were fun too ;)

About Hard Candy: Gay? Who me? Well….yes and no. at 3:07 pm

Gay? Who me?

Not such a big issue to me.
I don’t believe music has a gender. It has no sex. The art of music does not differentiate between its gay or straight counterparts.
For myself, I identify as gay only because it seems to be the most …easily explained, and also, more readily accepted.
But if I were to break it down, I would say this:
I truly believe myself to love a person for who they are. Gender unattached. I believe that if the right female came along, I could fall in love (and have, with women in the past). But as it stands right now, I am in love with one who happens to be a male.
Even now, some of you are placing a label on me as you read this. You have pre-determined my identity based on your own experiences.
I dont really understand the categories, subcategories, etc. Even within the gay community, it seems, we are intent on diminishing each other by placing glass barriers around others and writing on them the label that we think suits them. (Naturally, we would be writing the label in hot pink lipstick. Or perhaps a deep red.) Will I one day figure…eh…girls…not so much? Possibly. Probably. Maybe not. We are all a work in progress. Life is about figuring it out. I would even venture to say…without the centuries of heterosexual influence in our media and mainstream culture…what would anyone truly be? I dont know.

As for music, I speak for myself when I say, who cares? If you like the song, buy it, support me. If you don’t like the song because I am gay and have some gay imagery in the video, I wouldn’t need that sort of fan anyhow. I don’t believe my generation particularly cares about which singer is gay or not. I think we have been TAUGHT that we SHOULD care for some obscure reason…but in reality…not so much. I’m proud to be part of a generation that sees music for all of its wonderfulness and supports its gay, bi, straight or other type performers for who they are: Entertainers.

I am here to perform. I am here to entertain.

Thank you for allowing me such an opportunity to do so. You are amazing fans, and I could not ask for a more loving and loyal group. Thank you for believing in me and allowing my dream to come to fruition.

Video coming SOONER Than you think!

Insightful Tips for the Insanity Workout January 21, 2014 at 2:51 pm

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Controlling Your Weight with Garcinia Cambogia November 10, 2013 at 11:04 am

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